We Who Await the Dawn (98,000 words) is a historical FICTION, Romance-adventure novel, with elements of Magical Realism.

Flynn Murphy is a teenage Australian horse soldier nervous before the Battle of Beersheba in WWI.* He knows the entire campaign hinges on this upcoming battle, but as his life dangles in the balance, all Flynn can think about is his last night with Grace Twomey, his oldest friend. He deeply regrets how he left things with her.

At the same moment, Grace, on the other side of the world, is upset with Flynn for how he left things, but she’s mostly worried for his safety. Grace lives deep in the Australian Outback with her Irish father and Aboriginal mother, but recently she has grown restless and impatient with their missionary work among the locals. But before she can act on her wanderlust, a squad of violent strangers shatters her world. These clay-masked warriors ransack and burn everything Grace has ever known. She escapes as far as she can: America.

Back in Beersheba, Flynn is wounded in the battle. As he recuperates in a military hospital, he narrowly escapes the same eerie strangers that attacked Grace. These strangers pursue him across the globe: through Jazz-Era Hollywood, 1920’s New York, and many other places besides until he finally stumbles across his old friend Grace in a remote wilderness on the North Carolina coast: The Outer Banks. There Flynn falls for his old friend, but Grace insists on taking things slower this time. However, before they can sort out their feelings, they are both knocked sideways by an event that finally reveals the truth of what’s been pursuing them all these years. 

[This book begins a series.] 

“My soul waits for the Lord,

More than they that watch for the morning,


~ Ps. 130


* The Battle of Beersheba was among the last times in world history that a cavalry charge occurred in any major battle.