A Bio in Brief

When I first met Jesus as a small boy in Santa Ynez, California, I had no idea the journey ahead would include so many hills, valleys and hairpin turns. But God has been faithful to guide me every winding step of the way. And at each sojourn, I’ve learned a slightly different aspect of my savior, and the winding roads He likes to travel.

I started as a military brat whose Dad was stationed abroad, where I survived a stint in a rural British school that took several years to warm to the foreigner in their midst. Many years later, I moved to Australia, where I first became a filmmaker – a career that took me back to California to work for DreamWorks, then on to Washington DC to edit videos for the National Museum of the American Indian to distribute to various tribal governments.

After those stints, the trail looped back on itself and I was surprised to discover that I had become a university adjunct teaching ESL students and writing novels in Pittsburgh. You can see some of my work elsewhere on this site, and some of my shorter stuff has been published in The Louisville Review, The Writer’s Chronicle, Able Muse and the Encylcopedia of American Indian History.

These days, I find myself in Central Virginia. When I’m not writing, my wife and I spend most of our time chasing after two rambunctious and happy boys.