Bammerhab – The Place of Space

In Psalm 31 David names the place of God’s salvation “Bammerhab” which means a good place of great space. This place of salvation is again repeated by the Psalmist in Psalm 118.

This site is my miniature Bammerhab – a place for me to take some space to detail a few of the places God’s taken me in His word. Each thought along the way, will be marked by an ancient word, just click on its icon to learn more.

Hebrew for “revealing” (Ps. 19).
Greek for “dwellings (Matt. 8:20).
Hebrew for “A Remnant Will Return” (Is. 7:3)
Greek for “Downcast” (Luke 24:17).
Hebrew for “He Who Remains” (Zeph. 9:7)
Greek for “Walking” (Mark 6:48).
Hebrew for “He Revived” (Haggai 1:14).

Greek for “Heel” (John 13:18).

More spaces and places to follow soon…